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Tourmaline Dangles

Tourmaline Dangles

Gorgeous earrings as one of a kind as you!


I instantly fell in love with these bi-color tourmalines and imagined they would make spectacular earrings. The unusual shape of the gems called for a special silver design. 

After some sketching I settled on the design you see now. I felt like they needed something extra, so I added in some specks of gold - now they're perfect! 


Wear them to bring a little extra sparkle to your day!


    Earrings out of sterling silver with 18k gold and tourmaline. 


    If you are not happy with your purchase, please send a email to and voice your concerns. If you return your purchase withing 10 days and in perfect condition, you receive a full refund. 


    Please allow 10 days for Shipping and Handling.

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