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one of a kind rings

Handforged to perfection

The jewelry created by Luisa is unique, hand-forged and one-of-a-kind. Every  piece of art is designed and made by Luisa herself. She has spent years studying with master goldsmiths to learn different techniques for transforming plain sheets of metal into beautiful jewelry. Combining  interesting textures, shapes and finishes right at her jeweler´s bench.


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Silver meets Gold
from Cape Disappointment State Park

Gold dust mined at the beaches of Cape Disappointment State Park make the pieces in this collection truly unique. Only equipped with the right tools and lots of time and patience can one be successful at mining this ultra fine beach gold. Once the gold is separated from the sand, I can very carefully fuse it to silver to make my beautiful designs. Several layers of gold are necessary to achieve a nice golden color. Look for the pendants and rings I have available in my shop or contact me to create something special with this beach gold.


A selection of my work - some is still available, check in my shop or shot me an email!

Bridal Jewelry


Luisa´s journey of goldsmithing began in 2010 when she started her bachelors degree in design for jewelry and everyday object at the University Pforzheim, Germany. The first couple semesters where focused on learning different techniques for forming rings, pendants as well as bigger objects like bowls and vessels. Following seven more semesters about design and the possibilities within creating jewelry, paired with design history.

In 2015 Luisa moved to the Pacific Northwest to live with her husband and has since started to creat her own designs in silver and gold.
October 5th of 2018 marks the opening of her studio gallery "Luisa Mack Jewelry & Art" at the Port of Ilwaco, WA.


For questions or comments, please get in touch today.

360 244 3732

177 Howerton Way SE Suite 4
Ilwaco, WA 98624


Saturday 10am - 3pm

and by appointment.

Call or email to set up a time.

Closed in February.

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